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Explore Thesis Statement Samples Before Writing Your Own Thesis

Thesis • April 25, 2010

Thesis Statement Sample Can be Found Online

The thesis statement is an essential part of writing an essay or a composition. It is one of the hardest parts of this work. Thus different resources provide thesis statement samples and explain how to do it correctly, it is still very hard to understand how to make this task properly. Below, we will try to explain how to write it.

Thesis statement sample is easy to find today but first of all, let’s find out what the thesis statement is? While the author is writing an essay or any other document he uses a thesis statement as an argument in his work. Usually the students in colleges write some research works and when they are asked to express their point of view, they need to use some brief sentences which can fully describe what the essay is about. These sentences are thesis statements and they must be the summery and the final argument of the whole work. According to the above paragraph a thesis statement is:

A sentence or a number of sentences which helps the reader to interpret the subject of the discussion;

  • A kind of a guide through the text which tells us what to expect from the next parts of the document;
  • An element that gives answers to the questions asked on the subject of an essay. For example, the topic can be World War II and the thesis statement should provide some definite point  in this topic to explore;
  • A proclamation which can be disputed by the others;
  • One or two sentences, no more, that can be found at the beginning or, at least, at the first part of an essay, and express the author’s point of view.

Now we can see that a thesis statement is a very important and is an essential part of any essay, so the author must come to know how to create and use it correctly. It should be mentioned that a thesis is a summarization of hard working process on the information. While thinking on the text the writer must express his own point of view and this is possible to embody in a thesis statement. This task is not the first thing to do, first of all it is necessary to discover the whole topic, brainstorm the ideas and the thoughts, and gather the facts and arguments. It can also be useful to find and look at thesis statement sample first. Think and predict the questions you might be asked on your topic and take it in to consideration while creating a thesis.

To be sure your thesis statement is consistent and trustworthy, follow these rules please:

  • find out if your thesis really answers a question and if it is a correct answer;
  • think of the position taken, decide whether it will be challenged or opposed by the others;
  • make sure your thesis is specific. Ask a number of  “test questions” like: so what? How? Why?

So here are the main rules and advises on how to complete this hard task. Before you start working on it, please find and analyze at least one of the thesis statement samples, so you can be sure everything is cleared. You can find the samples at, as well as other beneficial information on academic writing.

Erin Amedda

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