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Erin Amedda

8 Tips on Writing the Donald Trump Essay

Essay Writing • February 9, 2021

Simple Tips on Writing the Donald Trump Essay

Want advice on writing an essay on Donald Trump?

In this article, we provide you with proven tips for crafting a stunning piece on Donald Trump. Whether you are preparing an analysis, expository, argumentative, persuasive, or any other type of essay on the 45th US president, we’ve got you covered.

Follow these 8 steps when writing your Donald Trump essay.

Determine the Type of Essay You Want to Write

What type of essay on Donald Trump do you want to write?

It helps to decide the kind of composition you want to write. There are 4 major categories of essays. Check them out below and determine what type of paper on Donald Trump you have to write.

  • Narrative: You narrate Donald Trump’s story logically.
  • Persuasive: You convince the reader about your views of Donald Trump.
  • Expository: You explain something regarding Donald Trump.
  • Descriptive: You go in-depth on various details on Donald Trump.

Understanding the type of essay you’ve got to provide will help you choose your heading and structure well.

There are more categories of essays. Take a look.

  • Argumentative: You take a stance on something controversial about Donald Trump and give evidence in its favor.
  • Compare & contrast: You compare Donald Trump to other people while focusing on a common issue.

Brainstorm Your Heading

You need to brainstorm to develop a suitable title for your Donald Trump essay. Just let your mind think of as many suggestions as possible.

Here are some useful brainstorming tips.

  • Write down the topics that come into mind, no matter their broadness.
  • Write down a central heading and create sub-headings all around it.
  • Pick the topic that best meets the requirements of your essay.

Note, picking a topic is all about what you wish to cover in your paper. When writing a single page piece, it’s best to stay away from a topic such as “The life of Donald Trump.” It is too broad and will require many pages.

Instead, you could focus on a specific issue, for example, “Donald Trump’s approach to COVID-19.”

Gather Useful Facts on Your Title

After picking your perfect Donald Trump essay heading, it’s time to collect information on it. Gather your facts from your school library, the Internet, or even interviews. Organize your research materials well to make referencing easy.

H2: Determine the Writing Style to Use

Your instructor will most likely specify the style to use in your Donald Trump essay. If they don’t, your title will determine it for you. It’s essential to stick to the requirements of the format you are using to achieve excellent writing.

Create Your Thesis

It is the central idea or claim that you want to put forth in your piece. It needs to be wide enough for you to convey the information you have. Write your thesis in the introduction of your composition.

Create an Outline

An outline is a skeleton of your writing. Creating one ensures that you craft a piece that maintains logic, a proper sequence of ideas, and the right organization.

How do you create an outline for your Donald Trump essay?

Follow these steps.

  • Develop your thesis statement and write it at the very top of your paper.
  • Create topic sentences for every paragraph you have.
  • Start working on the transitions between these topic sentences.
  • Add appropriate explanations and evidence under every paragraph.

Start Writing

It’s time to write your Donald Trump essay. Use the outline to develop a logical, consistent, and coherent composition.

Start with an introduction, transition to the body, and then the conclusion. Your work should be readable and should convey the main point effectively.

All of your sections should achieve their purpose.

  • The introduction should hook and tell the reader what to expect.
  • The body paragraphs should offer appropriate explanations and evidence on the central idea.
  • The conclusion should summarize everything, allowing the instructor/ professor to leave with an excellent idea of what the paper explored.


Go through your work to identify and rectify the mistakes in it. For an effective editing process, take a break from your work first, if time allows. Get back to it later with a fresh mind, as it’ll be easier to spot the errors in it.

Get Professional Help with Your Donald Trump Essay

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