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Martin Cardoso

PHD Thesis Proposal Gives a Hint into a Research Project

Thesis • May 1, 2010

PHD Thesis Proposals Highlight a Future Research

An essential part of a dissertation work is a PHD thesis proposal and it needs to be created before the defense. There are main rules how to prepare it successfully, so that the candidate can demonstrate that can review all the materials and subjects learned, make a successful research work and show the results. So let’s get acquainted with what this paper is about and how to write it correctly and professionally.

A PHD thesis proposal is a small paper that tells about the research and will make the basis of the whole dissertation. But thesis can not be considered as the outline of the dissertation. The application paper has to prove that the project is worth doing and that the student understands its content and meaning. Besides, it is necessary to show that a great number of literature and the materials have been discovered and the student has put some innovations into the researched subject. The application itself consists of the several parts: an introduction to the general topic, the description of the topic, the background of the researched theme, a researched objective presented at the form of a statement or question, a summarization of the sources and its materials, the description of the methods used in the analysis, the results of the work, the way of validating the results, a summary that proves the value to the field, and a strong research proposal which shows the results of the whole research.

Anyway, a thesis proposal is a small essay (three – five pages) which answers such questions as:

1. What things in the project are new to us?

2. Why it is so important for us?

The PHD thesis proposals consist of the following parts:

1. The topic. First of all it is important to think on a general theme. Its statement should take two or three sentences, no more, as it is only the context for the research.

2. Background to the main question. This section describes the topic of the proposed question. Here you can get together the main ideas of your dissertation, discuss the most important problems or mention the impossibility of the research of a specific topic.

3. The main question. This part presents the research question or a statement. It helps to decide what should be included in the research work, as for a strong thesis you need to have a point of view. It is not just a summarization of what the others have said or done and it is not a description of the materials but a creation of a new knowledge. To do so the writer has to assemble some information to answer the research question from different perspectives. In other words, a strong thesis proposal can not exist without the correct questions!

This is the basic structure of all kinds of PHD thesis proposals and the author should keep to these rules. It is rather a complicated task, so there is a possibility to find some samples of such works at the specialized web sites. Besides, you can visit a research writing company and have some help from the professional writers.

Martin Cardoso

Written by Martin Cardoso

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