Yerin Kirishiki

Yerin Kirishiki

Vividly Demonstrated Research Proposal Samples

DissertationResearch Paper • March 14, 2010

Research Proposal Samples Give Food For Reflection To the Future Masters

In order to prepare thoroughly for dissertation, one usually has to write research proposal paper. It`s not an obligatory step of your scientific activity, but it is supposed to be written for your dissertation. Everyone, who is engaged in research studies, begins with written proposal. Research report is written according to standard rules determined for it and you need to see research proposal samples for proper making your own paper writing.

While choosing the research proposal topic, remember your past academic papers. The topic shouldn`t be too narrow, as there will be enough space to add something from your further research activity. It can be, for example, cause and effect topics, if you want to research the reasons, influence and consequences of explored things or phenomenae.

Would you like to learn how to convince your supervisor or committee that your research proposal topic is worth their attention? How to learn to develop sample of research proposal to dimensions of dissertation paper? How to formulate a statement of the problem you are going to study? What methodology and additional literature to use?

The guidance, posted on, demonstrates vividly research proposal samples which use roughly the same format. As a rule, they have five chapters with well-established sectors in each chapter:

1. In introduction you give general statements about the importance of your research for the study. This is a focal point devoted to catch the attention of the supervisor or committee;

2. Next chapter, background, shows how your research proposal topic has been previously discovered. Even if you are going to explore comparatively new ideas, it would be better to indicate what efforts to investigate them have been made before;

3. The basic research plan of research proposal samples is given in the methodology section. Having chosen the topic, you make your choice between the various methods of research. They depend on professional field requirements. Research proposal writing sample is supposed to have also analysis plan, validity and reliability of the research, its assumptions, scope and limitations;

Remember, the first three chapters of custom research proposal are written in the Future Simple tense. Avoid the sentences with first person pronouns.

4. After that the results of your research work are entered. This section has its own analysis plan like the one in the previous chapter. Each research question is addressed individually. The results shouldn’t be explained, but just dry presented.

5. The final chapter, conclusions, summarizes everything you did and invites the committee to discussion.

As we have mentioned before, research proposal writing is just a project of your dissertation. But if your researches are properly explored and fixed in written form you can be confident your future dissertation will be a great success. Do you need more complete information about research proposal samples or any kind of writing paper, or essay samples? We can tell you the whole of it at Samedayessay. You are welcome with all your academic concerns!

Yerin Kirishiki

Written by Yerin Kirishiki

I have a Doctorate degree in History and have been working previously as an independent journalist for world-known publications. Today, I enjoy working on dissertations and research papers, as it helps me keep up with trending topics and the latest news.

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