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Thesis Statements | Hot Examples to Spice Paper Up

Dissertation • March 29, 2021

Strong Thesis Statement Examples for Your Next Paper

Writing academic papers must be done with a lot of precision. You should show that you understand what you are doing. That happens when you hand in a quality piece. A shoddy paper is a sign that you do not know what the task entails.

You should motivate your professor to read your content. That depends on what you write in the introductory paragraph.

A thesis statement is found at the beginning of an academic paper and shows what you intend to discuss in your piece. In other words, it identifies your arguments in the paper.

When is the right time to write your thesis statement?

Experts advise that it should be when you have completed the paper. That way, you’ll capture all your ideas in the statement.

What are the different types of thesis statements?

Here are the examples you should consider as you write.

Thesis statements

Argumentative Thesis Statement Example

As you write an argumentative paper, you are supposed to make a stand on an issue. It is in such cases that you write argumentative thesis statements.

Give the professor an idea of the arguments and evidence you intend to present clearly.

Here are thesis statement examples applicable in this case:

  • The US government should make it clear to its citizens that only security personnel should carry guns to make the country safer.
  • The legalization of abortion is a good idea as it can help in the control of the global population.
  • Gun control laws should have been in force from long ago as criminals have exploited the current situations by getting weapons they use for criminal activities.
  • While gun control can reduce crime, it also risks the closure of licensed gun firms.
  • Aid to developing countries should stop as they have become overly dependent on Western countries during crises.
  • The US should increase the amount of aid they give to developing countries as these funs go a long way in helping them improve their economies
  • Every country should abolish the death penalty as it puts innocent people at risk.

Expository Thesis Statement Examples

When you have an expository essay, the professor expects you to explain a given phenomenon. It is in such essays that you present an expository thesis statement.

From the statement, the professor should have a clue what you intend to explain. Below are the specific thesis statement examples to use.

  • People must consider alternative sources of animal proteins such as termites to deal with global food shortages.
  • The adoption of electric cars will significantly reduce global warming and conservation of scarce resources.
  • The US economy struggles because of student loans as the beneficiaries cannot use them to purchase basic home commodities.

Analytical Thesis Statement Examples

In some cases, you’ll encounter analytical academic tasks. Thus, your thesis statement should portray the investigative nature of the paper.

Always break down what you intend to discuss clearly.

Examples of such statements are as the ones below:

  • Tobacco smoking has different side effects, including susceptibility to ailments such as lung cancer.
  • An office should have people from different backgrounds as it leads to better ideas, cooperation between people, and the development of empathy.
  • To improve women’s participation in political activities, they should be enlightened on the strategies for campaigns, encouraged to support each other, and choose their representatives.

Expository Thesis Statement Examples

When you have an expository paper, your thesis statement should be expository in nature. The statement breaks down an issue into different areas of discussion.

What are the examples you can use? Read the following:

  • Every country must take global warming seriously as it has serious implications, including altering seasons, change in sea levels, and depleting the Ozone layer.
  • Human trafficking is a problem that can end only if the sources of funds that facilitate it are cut off.
  • Cases of violence against women in Africa can end only when women have increased access to job opportunities and support.

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