Yerin Kirishiki

Yerin Kirishiki

What You Should Know About How To Write Research Proposal?

Research Paper • April 3, 2009

Some Tips of How To Write Research Proposal

When a university student plans to apply for a research degree he should obligatory know how to write research proposal as getting degree supposes writing research proposal. There is a great variety of research projects written in different fields of study. Every research proposal has its peculiarities, but all of them have several common features that should be kept in the mind of every researcher.

Common features of research proposal are:

The aim of the proposal. It is the introduction of research proposal ideas but not facts, and the presentation of the ways in which the author’s concepts will work in practice. With the help of the paper content the author needs to show the novelty and necessity of his work in the field of his choice, a genuine contribution to the field of the research.

The research problem and its description. For those who want to learn how to write a research proposal it is important to know that the writer should raise the important and new problem in the research. Clear and simple description of the problem in the first parts of the paper is just necessary as it will be easier to understand what the proposed research will be about. Comprehension of the content will be better if complex concepts or notions of the problem are clarified.

Persuasive arguments of the problem. One of the main tasks of the researcher is to convince the reader that the topic of the research proposal is interesting, informative and useful, that it is worth of attention. It is necessary to demonstrate the results of the research, prove that they can be effectively used in a certain area and develop different theoretical models.

Literature review. The researcher needs to analyze different literature sources, with the help of which he will be more well-informed in the sphere of his research. Profound literature review will provide the writer with various important theories, methodology, models and studies. It shows that the work is new and only some aspects are investigated or it has not been researched in depth yet. Literature review sample can be helpful in this respect.

Usage of research methodology. If you have already an idea of how to write research proposal, pay attention to the fact that in most cases success of research proposal depends upon the methods (quantitative or qualitative) used by the investigator. Different types of methodology help to answer the main question of the paper, explain various phenomena, describe a lot of situations, and check the authenticity of information used in the research. Moreover, appropriate set of methods demonstrates the deep understanding of the problem.

Following all these features you increase your chances to have a successful application. Besides simple language, professional attitude towards the problem of the research proposal, interesting results of the investigation, successfully chosen examples will help to achieve the desired result. After writing research proposal you will have better understanding how to make research.

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Yerin Kirishiki

Written by Yerin Kirishiki

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