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Social work essay

Essay • February 7, 2011

Overview of social work essays

Social work essays relate to a wide range of constructive work for the society Social work essayas a whole. The possible areas include social heath care, social justice, rehabilitation, educational services and charity. Some areas of social work require specific qualifications and license to practice. Psychiatric care, public health and patient rehabilitation are some examples of this type of work.

This essay covers common academic essay writing activities like course work and term papers. Many times the teachers may select social work related topics. They expect social work essays to show empathy and offer creative solutions to mitigate suffering. These essays may turn out as opinion essays, argumentative essays or reflective essays.

Otherwise they are also like other essays. Best practices of clarity, language, structure and format do apply. Do not hesitate to take specialized and customized help in case you have problems in writing such essays. Nowadays there are quality essay writing services from where you can buy essays and even custom research paper.

Now let us explore some of the unique features of social work essays.

Emphasize solutions and not problems

Social work is ‘pro active’ and not ‘prescriptive’. There is no point in bemoaning what is wrong. Talk more about what one should do correct the ‘wrongs’. For example in a social work essay on ‘Alcoholism’, just say what is alcoholism and nothing more. Write more about concrete plans for ‘de-addiction’.

Social work essay should display empathy for the effects and not the ‘causes’

For example your essay on ‘Child abuse’ should show sympathy for the child victims. On no account you should even remotely appear to justify the actions of those who abuse children.

Describe your personal experience with care

Remember social work offers constructive and workable solutions. Your social work essay should never turnout to be a tearjerker melodrama.

Show awareness of your legal rights vis-à-vis those of others

Remember that if you exceed the legal limits in real life social work publications or media work, you may be hauled up before the courts

Statistics and field data

If your teacher expects you to collect field data

  • Do a thorough basic research.
  • Gather only the relevant data.
  • Define your methodology. If necessary take specialist guidance. Be specific about the limitations of your methodology.
  • Document source data properly and preserve the documents.
  • If possible gather corroborative data.
  • Draw the correct conclusions precisely. Avoid ambiguity.

If you are using published resources

  • Use only resources reputed for their credibility.
  • Cite and reference your resources properly in the manner your teacher expects you to do.

Use graphical representations wherever possible

  • Line graphs, pie charts, bar charts and the like convey much more than simple tabular data! Use colors for aesthetic effect.
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