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Simple Night Essay Questions

Essay • December 20, 2009

Simplified Night Essay Questions for Rushed Works

Night time for students have to be one of the most hardest part of the day wherein, they struggle to stay awake while immersing themselves in tons of paperwork that needs to be done such as term paper and research paper before morning. Countless sacrifices had to be made to prioritize the academic loads that need to be done, making essay works be at the bottom of the list. This should not be the scenario since one can write an essay using simple night essay questions.

A student does not necessarily have to grab mind-boggling topics to make sense, a simple comparative analysis can be a sufficient subject for a good reflective essay, with any luck, these simple statements can become basis for further research such as dissertation topic, simply because the simplest subjects to comprehend and analyze are basic behaviours of human interaction. One of these questions that can easily be tackled could be, “why is it acceptable for a man to have a polygamous relationship while women are expected to have a monogamous relationship?” The discussion of this concept could turn complicated if its basis will be sociological studies regarding status of power and its consequent struggle between man and woman since the dawn of time. But if the student looks into his personal view regarding this comparison and base analysis on personal experiences, then, 500 words will not be sufficient to write the essay piece. This could be advantageous in using this night essay questions because the student might be inspired by personal experiences that the thought of sleep slowly flees from the system.

A simple retrospection on one’s personal life can produce many instances to justify comparative analysis between the two concepts. Back by a discussion regarding power, the entire essay piece can even help a student gain insight on his personal life. This can happen when one discuss why he or she thinks if the answer is acceptable or not. Social norms in any society leans on the side of the man since it is the man or the father who supports his family thus, he is entitled to subtle incentives, even if its immorally justified. Ego mechanism also stipulates that if you’re a man, you are expected to be able to lure women even if you’re married, and by doing so, this proves that you’re a man. Which turns to the biggest question, “should I abide by these social norms just to fit into society?”

People these days strive hard to be accepted by society and belong to a community. But does that mean sacrificing one’s belief? Most would gladly make that sacrifice because social isolation today means becoming a vagabond. In the school setting, being a vagabond means doing all things by yourself with no one to help you. But there’s another way into these, which is constructive writing. By pouring out emotions in writing, be it in paper or essay, one will not be in danger because he or she will be speaking one of the most essential needs for survival, the ability to voice out thoughts and feelings.

Formulating night essay questions can be daunting. Having a prepared custom essay can easily help those in need of it.

Martin Cardoso

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