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Romeo and Juliet Essay is an Interesting Writing Assignment on Literary Theme

Essay • January 8, 2010

Reveal Your Thoughts about the Play Romeo and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet Essay

Romeo and Juliet essay is a popular writing assignment for pupils and students. Students usually write this essay because Romeo and Juliet is one of the most brilliant and popular play written by Shakespeare.

If you need to write the essay about the poem Romeo and Juliet, so you should do the following steps:
– Read the poem very thoroughly.

Get acquainted with the main characters of this poem. Try to understand the behavior and actions of each character of the play. Draw some logical parallels between different events in the play. Try to define Romeo and Juliet characters. Think what idea the author wanted to carry out to the readers through the dialogues and actions of the main characters.

– Read some reference material.

If you want to write a good essay of a high quality, it is not enough just to read the poem. You should read a lot of critics and all other issues related to the topic of your essay. Ask your advisor to give you the list of relevant readings. Go to the library and ask if they have the necessary books, magazines or journals. You may also look for the information in internet. Custom essay and research writing site is always ready to help you with your essay writing. While reading the books, make critical analyses of what you read. Think what piece of information will be the most appropriate to your essay theme.

– Outline your paper.
If you want to write a consistent paper, then divide your Romeo and Juliet essay into paragraphs. Think what piece of information you will provide in each part of your essay. Divide your paper into following parts:

– The introductory part
– The main part (with several paragraphs and sub-paragraphs)
– The conclusion or summary

In the introduction present the main topic of your essay. Write some background information. Explain to the readers what the aim of your research is. Here you may also make a brief outline of the next paragraphs of your essay.

In the main body, write your thoughts and points of view on the topic. Start your essay with an opening sentence. Then you may write the main arguments. You may use quotations from the play. In such a way you will draw readers’ attention and support your statements. If you write citations in your paper, then point out the act, scene and line number of this citation in the Romeo and Juliet play. If you have several paragraphs in the main body, then make transitions between them. So the readers will smoothly flow from one paragraph to another. In the conclusion, give summery to your essay.

If you are done with your writing, then proofread your paper. Pay attention to the grammar and spelling.

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