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You May Share Your Experience in the Process Essay

Essay • December 19, 2009

Give a Detailed Description of Doing Some Process in the Process Essay

Students usually write process essay at school, college or university. Some students do not know how to write this essay. If you get a task to write the process essay, you should clear out for yourself the aims of writing this kind of research paper.

In the process essay, students have to describe some process. In this essay writing, they should create a detailed description of this process. That is why when you get a task to write this kind of essay, think of the theme, or, in other words, of the process you are going to describe. Think what process it will interesting for you to discover. You may write about the process from any field of human’s life but try to investigate the process from the science field where you are strong at. It may be mathematics, physics, chemistry, sociology. It may also be the process from your everyday life, for example, you can write the recipe of how to cook a cake.

Remember that in the process essay you should tell the reader how to do something. Write steps that reader may follow to make the process. You should explain each step clear so the reader may understand the procedure. Depending on what process you are going to describe, your essay may look like a manual or instruction, recipe, study aids or handbook. Describe each step of the process in detail. Flow from one step to another. Remember that if you miss even one step in the process, then your essay writing may be idle, as the reader may not reach the final result. Also, do not forget to mention all the equipments that are necessary for maintaining the process.

Although process essay is different from any other kind of essay, its structure is the same as in other writing papers. It includes the introduction, the main part of the essay, or the main body, and the conclusion. In the introduction, present the process that you are going to describe. You may also explain why this process is so important to write about. Then you may also give background information about the process and give the definition of it (or several definitions from different authors). In the introduction, you should also write the aims and the goals of your essay.

In the main body paragraphs, give detailed instruction of how to do the process. Start each paragraph with the topic sentence. At the end of the paragraph, make transition to the next part of the main body. In the conclusion, give summary of your essay writing. Do not copy sentences from the previous paragraphs. You should paraphrase sentences from the thesis and give summary of the major steps of your process essay.

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