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Gregory Cox

Othello Essay Is an Essay About Deception and Self-Deception

Essay • June 9, 2009

Othello Essay is an In-Depth Analysis of Characters’ Actions

Shakespeare topics are still very acute nowadays and that’s why Othello essay or Macbeth essays are quite popular among student assignments of any level. If you are asked to analyze any of Shakespeare’s plays, you face a great challenge – on one hand you have wealth of information on the topic, on the other hand you have to analyze all the information and your own unique application of what you have read and learnt.

Othello essay is one of the most popular writing assignments and probably there’s no student who has not written on this play. It is a play about deception and self-deception in the first place which is a destructive force driving to rash actions and grave results.

Othello essay is most likely to deal with the character of Othello and its in-depth analysis. The study of character’s role and motivation is an interesting task which you can enjoy if you know how to do this analysis. Character analysis is never about telling the plot and it is more about getting an –n-depth motivation of one’s actions and trying to understand why certain event happened, who is to blame and what lessons should be taught. The voice of the author is also of great importance as it gives certain tone and prompts how the author views and interprets certain actions of the characters and what he wants to teach.

So when getting to write Othello essay you have to start with exploring the main character of the play and view him from different perspectives. The complexity of the character analysis is in interpreting Othello actions and killing of his loving wife being tricked by Iago. How could this characterize Othello – as a loving husband who lost his head when getting the news of his wife adultery or as a freak who did not think before making any conclusions? Othello loses everything- his reputation, loving and trusting wife, himself because of the breach of trust.

The play analysis can be expanded far beyond the analysis of Othello character. This can be viewed as a play about trust and deception, love and trust, friendship and selfishness. This a complex and very interesting play which raises a lot of questions which have lost their topicality nowadays.

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