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Hot Debate Topics for College Students in 2023

Education News • March 20, 2021

99 Good Debate Topics for College Students

When you have a debate essay to complete, you should take it seriously. You can attain success only if you follow the right steps for writing an argumentative assignment.

Most students struggle with choosing a debate topic. And here are suggestions that can help you:

Good Education College Debate Topics

You have many options regarding education debate topics.

Check the following examples:

  • Homeschooling is a better option for modern teenagers
  • The government should declare homeschooling illegal
  • Importance of college education of today
  • Teachers should allow students to use computer tablets in school
  • The contribution of school uniform in education
  • Standard tests and their relevance in education
  • The importance of foreign languages to modern students
  • Physical education should be compulsory in all US schools
  • A college degree is important today
  • The benefits of the skill-based study compared to science-based study
  • Sports should be a mandatory part of college education
  • Homework and its influence on a student’s psychological well-being
  • Schools should abolish religious studies
  • Outdoor learning and its importance to students
  • The importance of learning history in college
  • The contribution of private schools in education
  • Students should focus on math and ignore other subjects
  • Science courses are more relevant than art courses in the modern world
  • More class periods should be added
  • Colleges should abolish the grading system
  • The best way to educate students about cyber-bullying
  • Weight gain is a personal choice among college students
  • The significance of schools in the society
  • Gym classes and their relevance in colleges
  • Teachers should not be blamed for students’ unimpressive academic performance
  • College athletes should be paid
  • The importance of paying student-athletes
  • The relevance of music in education
  • Mandatory drug tests are important for collegians
  • Online learning and why it is better than traditional face-to-face learning

Unusual Technology Debate Topics

Technology is part and parcel of modern life.

What are good debate topics you must consider?

Here are excellent examples:

  • Smartphones and why they are not safe to use
  • Science and religion: Why they cannot coexist
  • Kids should not be allowed to use smartphones
  • TV shows and their role in increasing cases of moral decadence
  • People who know mathematics are more likely to succeed
  • The importance of exploring Mars
  • Bing vs. Google: determining the best search engine
  • The most important scientific innovations
  • Governments should not allow the use of self-driven cars
  • YouTube and its role in intellectual degradation
  • There is no need for advanced features in phones
  • AI and its contribution to economic development
  • The threat of AI in the modern society
  • Some people attract cyberbullying more than others
  • The increase in the use of the internet is not good for humans
  • Technology has contributed to human isolation
  • Impact of the Internet on societal well-being
  • Cars in the racing industry should use biofuels
  • Driverless cars help in reducing road accidents
  • The future of the cashless economy
  • Social media is safe for children
  • The dangers of artificial intelligence
  • Robots and their contribution to the improvement of human life
  • Technology is the core pillar of human communications today
  • The US government should ban GMO foods

Controversial and Interesting Debate Topics

Do you need more debate topics to write about?

Here are interesting ones to pick:

  • People should choose winter vacations instead of summer vacations
  • Technology is the pillar of modern entertainment
  • Women spend leisure time better than men
  • Mobile banking is not secure
  • The wealthy should pay more taxes
  • Businesses focus on social impact more than profitability
  • Learning ancient history is important
  • Men and women: Who is stronger?
  • Differences in communication between sexes
  • Why couples should not live together before marriage
  • Women leave longer than men
  • Students should have the freedom to dress the way they want
  • People who love pets more than humans do not socialize well
  • It is inappropriate to cage animals
  • Human cloning is not a good practice
  • People should reduce their dependence on technology
  • Gasoline cars can never be eliminated
  • TV is making people dumb
  • Success is better than happiness
  • Video games do not make teenagers violent
  • Celebrities are not good role models
  • Foreign aid makes a country weaker
  • The death penalty should be reintroduced
  • Feminism and its relevance in the modern times
  • Censorship does not violate freedom
  • Civilians should not have guns
  • Religion is harmful
  • Governments should legalize sex work
  • Dealing with drug addiction today
  • Populism threatens democracy
  • Nuclear weapons make countries respect each other
  • Replacing the human workforce with robots is unethical
  • The world should use one currency
  • Marriage is no longer necessary
  • Electric cars should cost less to buy than gasoline cars
  • Penalties for distracted driving should be increased
  • Climate change is inevitable
  • Alcohol should only be sold on weekends
  • Veganism disrupts the normal functioning of the ecosystem
  • Team sports are better than individual sports
  • Basketball players should be allowed to transfer from one team to another midseason
  • Football is not dangerous for kids to play
  • Celebrity movie actors are overpaid
  • Fashion is not important

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