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Gregory Cox

Opinion Essay is a Perfect Format to Manage Persuasive Writing

Essay • May 25, 2009

Opinion Essay Writing Improves Your Writing Skills

Every modern personality should be able to express one’s opinion clearly and persuasively. That’s where opinion essay is a good training tool. Through writing this type of essay one acquires skills of using language means in order to express new ideas and approaches to decision-making. That’s a format to learn to be persuasive and assertive as well as cope with different ideas whirling in your head.

In an opinion essay as in no other essay format an author can project his personality, life priorities and beliefs. It is an excellent opportunity to express one’s position without a fear of being accused of incoherent arguments. However, it does not mean just saying that you believe something to be true without presenting a fair ground to prove your position. For writing a good opinion essay one needs to conduct some research or make a literature review to see what others think of the issue and what information can be used to support your view. At the same time this kind of essay format needs to reflect individual approach and position. Its value is in uniqueness or originality of ideas.

It is good to start writing an opinion essay with brainstorming any ideas which come to your mind and then look for some supporting information like facts, statistics or other research opinions. When in the process of writing you find out that your opinion has flaws and inconsistencies, you can change the flow of your arguments and reject this idea completely. So opinion essay writing is a creative process of constructing new knowledge through reading, analyzing and researching.

For example, when expressing an opinion on problem of abortion one needs to get maximum information on this controversial topic and view it from different perspectives before making any conclusions. It’s not simply saying that abortion is murder but making your reader consent with you that abortion is something to be avoided.

When dealing with an opinion essay you may face many challenges from being assertive and at the same time leaving the space for readers to make their own conclusions. It’s not really easy as ABC to express a strong, persuasive opinion. An author should have profound writing skills or ability to use communicative means to prove one’s position.

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Gregory Cox

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