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Merchant of Venice Essay

Essay • February 8, 2011

Merchant of Venice essay

Tips for composing Merchant of Venice Essays:

Students attending a literature or sometimes language class are often asked to come up with essays, based on various pieces of writings, including classics. One common assignment is that of Merchant of Venice essay. Merchant of Venice is a famous play by Shakespeare.

Theme of the Play

The play Merchant of Venice has been written by Shakespeare and revolves around the story of a Christian and a Jew. The Jew, Shylock is a money lender and lends money to Christians on heavy interest. Antonio is a businessman whose ships full of goods are at sea. In need of money till the ships arrive, he seeks a loan from shylock. The loan is granted with heavy interest. Antonio’s ships which were a sure shot way to pay back the loan get wrecked and Antonio is left indebted to the Jew.
In this situation, when according to the contract with shylock, Antonio owes a pound of his flesh to the Jew, Antonio’s friend Bassanio comes to help. Bassanio was a poor man until he married princess Portia. Portia gives Bassanio double the money of the loan and Bassanio comes to Antonio’s help. Shylock, who has a lot of anger against Antonio that has been further aggravated due to his daughter’s elopement with a Christian, refuses to accept the money and insists for the pound of flesh.
Portia then performs a heroic act by disguising as a lawyer and coming to save Antonio in the court. She argues that the contract did not say anything on bloodshed so the Jew should call for a surgeon who can take out a pound of Antonio’s flesh without shedding a drop of his blood. The case is then decided in favor of Antonio and he is saved. The play ends with a happy note.

Merchant of Venice Essays:

A Merchant of Venice Essay assignment can be of many types. It can be in form of a summary, a criticism, a character sketch or theme based essay. Most common forms of Merchant of Venice essays students are asked to write include summary and character sketches. Students can buy essay for guidance if they feel that it is not manageable by them. Many students order essays, assignments and custom research papers online. Merchant of Venice essays can also be in form of reflective essays. Reflective essays ask the student to include their own personal reflection on the play.

Guidelines to consider while writing a Merchant of Venice essay:

• Read the assignment question several times and understand it properly.
• In case of a critical essay, the summary of the play should be kept as concise as possible.
• Character sketches need to be made keeping in view their role in the play, which requires a brief summary also.
• Summary of the play must be just a detailed story, and no reflections, criticisms or appreciations must be included in it.

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