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Erin Amedda

Great Expectations Essay Should be Written in the Literary Form

Essay • June 26, 2010

Great Expectations Essays are Usually Assigned to the Students of the Literary Courses

Great Expectations EssayGreat Expectations essays are usually assigned to the students of the literary courses. Writing this paper is a troublesome task and requires strong knowledge of the novel, as well as strong writing skills. Inexperienced students feel uncomfortable completing this task and ask for the help of the professional essay writers.

A Great Expectations essay can be written in the form of the analysis essay, which analyzes the characters of the novel. You can also create a narrative essay or a book report which describes some facts or ideas from the famous novel by Charles Dickens. If you have chosen the analysis essay, then read the whole novel, take some key points you would like to write about, analyze them and then start writing your paper. A narrative essay should describe and explain the author’s opinions and ideas. The book report is the most simple essay type and will summarize the novel or the events described in the story. Whatever type of the Great Expectations essay you decide to write, read the whole novel first. If you are a working student or just do not have time for it, search for the critics and make sure you have understood the main points of the writing. Your next step is to discover the questions and topics of the essay. You can look for the sample essays at the Internet in order to have an idea on what question or topic to choose. We have prepared a list of the most common questions and topics you may find useful when writing your essay.

  1. Discuss Pip as a character and a narrator. Describe different aspects of his personality and find his place in the whole story.
  2. Analyze and explain the role of the social classes in the Great Expectations novel. Describe the experience of Pip as a reach gentleman.
  3. Think about the role of guilt in the novel. Analyze the feelings and thoughts of Pip and try to answer the question: what is it to be innocent?

These questions will help you to have some creative ideas for your easy essay writing.  The list of the suggested topics can also be helpful for those who belong to the young and inexperienced writers.

  1. Write about the novel title and explain the reader its meaning. Describe the Pip’s great expectations.
  2. Write and explain why Pip divides people into two extreme groups: good and evil. Provide the examples and situations from the novel that can help the reader to understand Pip’s inner world. You take a topic which deals with the moral extremes or explain the feelings of a man caught between the extremes.
  3. You can also discuss the character of Miss Havisham and describe her relations with Pip and Estella.

This brilliant novel can create a number of interesting topics that will make your Great Expectations essays strong and unique work. If you require additional help, please visit website which can provide you a wide range of writing services including custom writing, essay editing service and proofreading.

Erin Amedda

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