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Writing an Essay for College

Essay Writing • August 3, 2012

Writing Essays for College Are a Common Question Among Students

Writing An Essay For College 150x150Students usually have to write a lot of writing assignments in college. One of the academic papers that you may be asked to complete is a college essay. If you want to know more of writing an essay for college, you may find a detailed guideline with good explanations of each step.

Start to work on your paper beforehand, so you may have enough time to proofread it.

  • Think of the topic for your college essay
  • Find suitable material in the books, magazines, encyclopaedias etc. Internet is also inexhaustible source of information. Read different essay examples. It helps you to understand how to write a college essay.
  • Invent the structure of your custom essay. Here you may reveal your originality and create some interesting way of presenting your material. But still you should stick to the accepted outline format. Include the following main parts to your essay:

– The introduction with thesis statement;
– The main body subdivided into several paragraphs;
– The Conclusion or Summing up.

In the introductory part outline the subject of your writing essays for college. Here you may also provide background information on the subject. Writing background information, think if this piece of information is really an integral part of your paper. Do not provide unnecessary or irrelevant information because you will just waste your time and time of the readers. Stick only to the most important and appropriate points. Write what other prominent scientists and researches said about the subject that you describe in your essay. In the introductory part you should also make clear what main methods you are going to use for your paper. Depending on the paper topic, you may use classification, contrasting and comparative, illustrating, qualitative, quantitative methods.

The main body is the lengthiest part of your essay. That is why you should devote to this part the most of your time. Here you should reveal the essence of the essay subject. In the first paragraph provide literature review. Start the paragraph with an opening sentence. Then basing on this topic sentence, reveal the problem. Next two or more paragraphs should be devoted to the thesis statement. Think what the aim of your essay is and step by step accomplish your thesis goals. Using good examples will brighten up your essay. So find some interesting examples, quotations and use then in your paper.

Pay attention to the grammar. Do not use wrong verb tense. It may reflect your low writing skills and as a result your grade may be lower. Remember that generally accepted facts should be always presented in the Present Tense. If you make reference to the results of the scientific study, so write it in Past tense.
Write the summary of your essay at the end.

When your paper is ready, proofread it. There should be no:
– incomplete sentences;
– redundant or vague phrases;
– misspelling;
– obvious punctuation mistakes.

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Martin Cardoso

Written by Martin Cardoso

I have started working as a freelance writer back in college. After graduation, it has become my full-time job and I’ve never regretted this decision. Seeing your satisfaction and positive feedback is the greatest joy for me!

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