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Donald Trump: Writing the Best Political Essay

Essay Writing • February 6, 2021

Donald Trump — Greatest Political Essay Topic

When we describe politics, we are talking about everything to do with governance. That is, the government, politicians, and political parties.

From that, it’s safe to conclude that a political essay is a piece of writing that covers issues in these spheres. That said, a political essay topic should ideally be relevant and at par with current issues.

Perhaps the greatest topic you can explore in your political essay is Donald Trump. Since Donald Trump assumed the presidency in 2017, he has become one of the most talked-about political.

Even now, as he has left office, Trump remains a relevant political figure.

Why Should You Write a Political Essay on Donald Trump?

Why is a political essay on Donald Trump worth writing?

Can his service and legacy provide a strong topic you can explore in an essay?

While Donald Trump has only served one term, you should consider a political essay topic on him for these reasons:

He Has Had a Remarkable Rise to Power

Before Trump was the United States president, he was a famous hotel developer and billionaire. When he stood up for the 2016 elections, critics were highly skeptical that he would make it anywhere near winning.

He started by winning the Republican ticket, where he beat more seasoned politicians. Then, defied all odds and predictions in a shocking win against democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

He Is a Divisive Figure

Donald Trump has been, without a doubt, a divisive president. According to the Brookings Institution Report, political scientists rank Donald Trump as the most divisive US president. This polarizing image is mostly due to his stand on immigration, immigrants, and equality.

He Has Had a Controversial Rule

Donald Trump’s time in office has been marred with controversy. Perhaps his most significant controversies were his travel bans on some Muslim majority countries and stance on immigrants. He also forged alliances with the most unlikely world leaders and vetoed controversial arms bills.

He Is Not Likely to Fade Anytime Soon

While the presidency was Trump’s first political seat, he was quite vocal on government issues before he was president. If his personality and past are anything to go by, he will not fade from the public scene soon.

How to Tackle Your Donald Trump Essay Topic

So, you’ve decided to pick the hottest political topic for your essay?

How do you go about writing it?

The technique for writing a Donald Trump essay is more or less the same as with any political essay.

Here are some valuable tips to make the task easier for you:

Create a Plan

Writing a proper essay starts with adequate planning. Examine if your essay is about analyzing, drawing a conclusion, persuading, or comparing and contrasting. Then, decide on the topic you will cover more precisely and how you will tackle the assignment.

Gather Your Sources

Now that you understand what your essay is about a lot better and have a plan, it’s time for research. You will need both general and specific sources on your topic. So, look online, your lecture notes, and even the library.

Organize Your Ideas and Material to Make an Outline

Next, bring all your relevant material and your ideas for the essay together to create an outline. An outline is a basic structure for your essay. It will help you remember your points and evidence when you begin writing.

Write, Style, and Format

As you write your essay, remember the basic structure. You should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Follow a recommended academic style from start to finish and mindful of grammar errors, repetitions, and overusing direct quotes.

Donald Trump Essay: Topic Ideas

What topic can you explore in your Donald Trump essay?

There’s so much to write about, and you shouldn’t be too general.

Some good specific topic ideas include:

  • Is Donald Trump’s zero-tolerance policy on illegal immigrants good for the country?
  • What are some things that Biden should address from Donald Trump’s era?
  • The election of Donald Trump and what it tells about the American society
  • Was Donald Trump’s lack of prior political experience a challenge in his governance?
  • How the US economy has changed during Donald Trump’s tenure


Donald Trump is and will remain a polarizing, controversial, and even sensational figure of our times. Many things have and will still be written about him. His past, views, policies, and influence on America and the world provide numerous topics to write about.

If you are going to write a political essay, consider making the topic about him.

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