Martin Cardoso

Martin Cardoso

Writing a Thesis Paper Helps a Student to Show His Level of General and Special Training

Dissertation • April 18, 2010

The Algorithm Of Writing Thesis Papers

A thesis paper is a qualifying scientific research which is performed when the student finishes his study at the university. Writing a thesis paper is a sort of complex mental activity which requires the use of knowledge received during all the period of studying, skills and abilities on special disciplines. It provides generalizing, memorizing, expansion of theory and practice on specialties and their application in the certain scientific and economic activity.

What are the main aspects that should be considered while writing thesis papers? What is the algorithm of the thesis paper writing? What is the structure of the ordinary thesis paper? What are the basic demands to the thesis paper? The next algorithm of writing a thesis paper will help to organize your work rationally to distribute time correctly and to expand the chosen topic:

• a topic choice;
• literature search and selection on the topic, its studying;
• drawing up of preliminary plan, its coordination with a supervisor;
• writing of chapters and subparagraphs introduction;
• writing statement of conclusions and references;
• drawing up of sources list and additional information;
• literary and visual drawing up of the paper, error correction;
• reviewing and preparation for defense.

The logically accurate structure of writing thesis papers is the way to success if you aim to disclose the topic. When you have a meeting with a supervisor, he has to be shown the draft plan of the thesis paper. Discuss with him your basic writing plan. The students are supposed to fulfill the following requirements in their thesis paper:

urgency of the topic, conformity to its modern circumstances in the certain sphere of science and the perspectives of development of corresponding area;
study and analysis of monographic and periodical literature on the topic;
describing the history of investigated problem and its up-to-date condition, and also the best practical works in the corresponding sphere;
generalization of results, their substantiation, conclusions and practical recommendations.

When you are finishing thesis paper writing you need to systematize illustrations attached. Illustrations can be placed in the text. They can be located outside the text. All the additional material with its names and serial numbers should correspond to the maintenance of the body of thesis paper. Appendices with their numbering also refer to the maintenance of the text of the thesis.

Each high school establishes the volume of thesis paper for each subject differently. Usually it makes about 25-40 pages.

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Martin Cardoso

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