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Gregory Cox

Nursing Assignment As a Way to Better Nursing Practice

Assignment • May 18, 2009

Nursing Assignment and What it Means For Future Nurses

The Nursing profession supposes knowledge of many aspects of healthcare from traditional medicine to ethics issues pertaining to nursing of patients. It is through nursing assignments that future nurses or care providers acquire the basics of the nursing profession. It takes much time and effort for them to cope with all of the challenges of the profession and that’s why much time and devotion is required during their studies.

Nursing assignment can take a form of an essay or a research paper and that’s why it is important to know the rules of completion of different types of essays or research paper formats.

One can deal with numerous nursing assignments, which focus of versatile aspects of nursing activity:
• The main focus in nursing is on patient and his/her needs. It is important to develop not only professional skills but also human qualities such as empathy, communication skills and responsibility. People suffering from sicknesses require a different approach to meet their specific needs and nurses should be aware of future challenges of their profession.
• Nursing ethics is an important issue based on strong values and principles, which require devotion and sometimes even self-sacrifice. Here one can deal with controversial essay topics.
• It is clear that nurses should have strong knowledge in medicine and be competent in treating diseases and their symptoms. Acquiring medicine competence a nurse is qualified for many supporting roles in medicine settings. Prevention and recreation aspects can be also covered in nursing assignment.
• Drugs and all kinds of curing methods are within the scope of good nurse’s knowledge. Nursing working with patients who are curing or rehabilitating, should know how treatment process can effect their health and well-being and what side effects are possible.
• As nurses are working in ambulances and are often required to save life in emergency, first aid tools and methods should be covered in nursing assignments.

There’s no doubt that nursing is a job, which requires much devotion and love for people. It also requires in-depth knowledge of different aspects both medical and psychological. It is good when a student can complete his/her academic assignments but it often happens that medical students are involved in different practical activities and have no time to concentrate on writing assignments.

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Gregory Cox

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