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Benjamin Ford

Choosing Argumentative Research Paper Topics

CourseworkResearch Paper • May 19, 2009

Argumentative Research Paper Topics to Choose From

Argumentative research paper topics can be used for writing more complicated academic work such as – term papers, coursework, and dissertations. If you have some idea as to the nature of the research paper, you can develop it into argumentative research topic.

Argumentative essays suppose well-grounded argumentation and thus require incessant reading of writing to develop analytical research skills. In this type of essay, a writer attempts to impact the reader’s views giving evidence and facts, which can persuade the reader of the credibility of the writer’s words. Strong and convincing arguments can be built only on up-to-date and accurate information derived from trustworthy sources. For academic writing these include books, peer-reviewed articles, dissertations and sometimes web resources, which can be relied on.

The first step in writing argumentative essay is brainstorming ideas and developing them into a coherent and interesting topic. This is not a simple task as it requires concentration and much devotion and interest in your fields of study.

When choosing argumentative research paper topics one should remember an important rule – chose something that is interesting for yourself so to avoid boredom and dissatisfaction in the future writing process. If you are not personally interested in the chosen topic, the readers are likely to feel it and to perceive it as a flunk paper.

There are hundreds of research paper topics, which can be covered in an argumentative paper:
1. Abortion and its consequences for woman’s health.
2. Globalization as Americanization or expanded communication and cooperation opportunities
3. Juvenile delinquency problems
4. Generation gap issues.
5. Family values in modern society

After having chosen argumentative research paper topic, one proceeds with research itself. Research supposes profound reading and making notes. One looks through all possible sources – books, web, newspapers, dissertation abstracts, opinions, positions, everything somehow relating to the chosen topic. After getting as much information as possible, one can start reading and analyzing it being critical and careful with different positions and viewpoints. Critical thinking is what one requires to complete excellent argumentative research paper. At this stage one can start with writing an essay outline, which can greatly help you to produce logical and coherent research. Outline will benefit more lucid structure of your work and it will give more strength to your arguments.

When on argumentative research paper topics, you face the need to defend your position withstanding the opposition of other views and opinions. That’s why it is important for a writer to form an opinion at once and get to know opposing comments and be ready to refute them.

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Benjamin Ford

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