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Valeria Gorner

Spanish Essay Writing May Be a Worthy Experience in Your Academic Life

Essay • August 21, 2009

Some Tips How to Make an Outstanding Spanish Essay

Spanish essay can be made on any writing topic relating to Spanish lessons like literature, art and verbal communication. Spanish is an official language of Spain and is commonly used by 21 states as their main language. It is the most popular romance language. The Spain literature passes on the literary works printed in Spanish by diverse authors in different periods of time.

Spain is famous for its design and outstanding painters. Picasso, Alonso Berruguete, Diego Velazquez are few of the well-known Spanish painters. Essays on Spanish can include such important issues as:

– Spanish Poetry of the Medieval Period
– Spanish Prose of the Medieval Period
– Spanish Theatre of the Medieval Period
– Prose of the Golden Age Period
– Poetry of the Golden Age Period
– Contemporary Poetry of 18/19th centuries
– Contemporary Poetry of 20th century

Besides, your essay may also include the names of the prominent authors and stress on some distinctive features of their works, for example:

– Ramón de la Cruz (1731 – 1794), Spanish neoclassical writer, was born in Madrid. He wrote a selection of his texts in ten volumes. One of the best of his works, Las Tertulias de Madrid, is a great example of satiric observation.

– Francisco López Acebal (1866 –1933) is another famous Spanish novelist, playwright and journalist.

You can also take in the following tips in the academic essays on Spanish Arts. Write about different periods of Spanish arts and some chief painters who belong to that period.

Remember, that your Spanish essay should be interesting to read. A person who will read it should feel natural connectivity between the essay parts. Don’t forget to explain what you are going to dispute and how you will do that. Moreover, try not to drag your arguments. Tell the truth straight. Make certain that you have given the details on every point plainly before moving to the next one.

Spanish essay implies deep knowledge of the different themes. The task is easier if the author is motivated by the subject. The center of the thoughts should be obvious in the essay. Correct essay arrangement and plan should be followed to compose a striking and imposing essay.

Besides, your Spanish essay success depends on following important points. First of all, your point of view or opinion matters greatly. Secondly, information about the work you are going to write about. Thirdly, your reading and autonomous study is a must. Remember, you should avoid using unconfirmed facts, unclear phrasing and approaching an excess of the data overload. These things are essential and you must hold them up with firm analysis and suggestion.

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Valeria Gorner

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