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George Nelson

How to Get Valuable Process Essay Ideas?

Essay • February 17, 2010

Get Unique and Interesting Process Essay Ideas

Writing process essay, students usually search for process essay ideas. There are several good sources from which you can draw good topics for your paper.

1) First of all, you may take good topic for the essay from your own experience. Think of the process that you know and understand better than other people. For, example you may describe some project that you finished. If you like to cook, you may write about food preparation (creative cake design, cookie decoration, homemade ice-cream or tasty salad preparation). If you like to make different handicrafts from immortelle or dried flowers, you may share with the readers your secret of drying/preservation of roses etc. If during the summer you worked as a lifeguard, so you may describe CPR techniques in your paper. If you are fond of chess playing and you took prize-winning place, so you may describe in your essay how to play chess. It will be interesting to the readers to read your small secrets of how to win a chess game.

2) In the second place, surf the Internet custom web sites. They usually produce challenging topics or process essay ideas that you may further describe in your paper. Besides you may read process essay samples for free. Look how it is right to organize your paper. You may even download a similar essay sample and use it as a model. Still, do not copy sentences from the essay sample. Plagiarism may be immediately detected by the members of the checking committee. That is why if you want your paper to be accepted, stay away from plagiarism. If the process essay sample states some valuable idea and you do not know how to paraphrase it, you may use it as it is but then give reference to the essay example.

3) Some students conduct a small research in searching for process essay ideas. For example, you may lead a local questioning or interviewing. Ask what processes interest people or about what processes they want to learn more.

Do not spend too much time on searching process essay ideas; otherwise you will have no time to research the chosen topic. After you have defined your process essay topic, proceed to its researching and writing.

In the main body you should explain how the essay process is done. Make a list of steps and then describe each step in detail. For interpreting the steps you may use the information from different relevant sources as well as your own experience. Provide relevant examples for each step of the process. If you use in your paper some special terms, make sure you explain them to the readers. Remember, that the introductory part and the conclusion usually play the most determinant role in evaluating the essay. That is why think how you can make an appealing introduction and powerful conclusion.

You may find more process essay ideas from custom essay writers at If you find that process essay writing is a hard task for you, you may order custom essay. Save your time for more important things as your family or friends with this custom essay writing service.

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