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Describe Some Procedure in Your Process Essay

Essay • February 10, 2010

Writing Process Essay Students Learn to Present the Information in a Successive Way

Process essay is usually used for scientific writings when you need to describe the procedure of some process.

Process essay may deal with any science. Usually students write such kind of essays in such disciplines as biology, chemistry, physics, mechanics etc.

To create an essay about some process you should complete the next steps:

1. Find interesting process essay ideas. It should be interesting and up-to-date, so the readers will be willing to read your paper. Also think of the topic that you are really experienced at and possess enough knowledge in it. Remember you should know every aspect of the essay topic and describe it in details. Your essay may look like instruction or manual. It may even be a recipe of your favorite meal.

2. Research the given topic. Look for process essay samples in the Internet. Find relevant essay sample and use it as a guideline in writing your process essay.

3. Structure the essay. Similar to other essay kinds, process essay contains:

– the introductory part
– the body part
– the concluding part

Each of the listed parts has its own pattern of organization.

In the introductory section state what process you are going to describe. Write why it is important to describe this process. You may underline its scientific significance. Then you may provide background information. Give several definitions of the process so the readers could clearly see what you are going to talk about. At the end of the introductory section give thesis statement. It usually takes one sentence and states the main purpose and idea of the essay. Some students give a brief outline of the next paragraphs of the main body.

The body paragraph is the longest part of the essay. That is why you may divide it into several logical parts. Start each paragraph with topic sentence. Then provide several major supporting sentences. Minor supporting sentences may also be given after the topic sentence and major statements. Try to make your paper smooth and successive that is why use special transition words and phrases. First of all, write what instruments or tools are necessary for the process. Then step by step describe it. If you have any cautions about some part of the process, so you should give the cautions before the action. You may also provide vivid examples. Readers will better understand what they are supposed to do if they read relevant examples.

The final part of the essay is summary. It is usually the same length as the introductory part. In the concluding part you should summarize the main points and steps of the process that you described in the main body. If you have some pieces of advice for the further investigation of the process, you may state them in the concluding paragraph.

4. Proofread your process essay. It usually happens that while proofreading students see a lot of mistakes in their essays. That is why pay great attention to the grammar and spelling mistakes. Correct all misspelled words in your paper.

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