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George Nelson

Jane Eyre Essay is one of the most Interesting and Absorbing Essay Writings

Essay • January 14, 2010

Reveal Your Thoughts about the Novel Jane Eyre in Jane Eyre Essay

Jane Eyre is the most influential book of the nineteenth century. This novel was written by the famous English writer Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre is studied at the high-school and universities and Jane Eyre essay is a popular writing assignment.

If you get a task to write essay on Jane Eyre poem, be sure you are lucky. It is a very interesting and absorbing kind of essay writing. But to complete you essay and get an excellent result you should follow the next steps:

1. Read the entire novel and choose a good topic for your essay.
Reading the novel, you may notice that there many life stories described there. So it is up to you about what theme to touch in your essay. For example, you may examine theme of feminism in the novel Jane Eyre. Describe how the main character Jane managed to break free from the chains of male dominated society. Think what or who influenced her and how she became independent, self-aware and happy. You may also write your essay on the following topics: “Jane Eyre – the independent and successful woman of the nineteenth century”, “Jane’s Art and Story”, “ the Problem of morality in Charlotte Bronte’s novel “Jane Eyre””, “Jane Eyre is an extraordinary heroine” etc.

2. Find some analyses and other relevant material to Jane Eyre essay.
You may go to the library and find necessary readings there. Also, surf the internet. Read what other writers think about this novel. Think if your point of view is similar to the other critics’ thoughts. You may also find online samples of the essay on this topic. Look how other students organized their writings. If you are not strong in literature or you do not have time to complete your writing, so you may buy custom essay on

3. Make an outline of your Jane Eyre essay.

Write the introduction, the main body that may include several paragraphs and sub-paragraphs and the conclusion.

In the introduction, clear out the subject of your essay. Some students want to make the introductory part of the essay more appealing so it will draw readers’ attention from the first sentences. For this aim, they start the introduction with a question related to the topic. The readers must be informed about your ideas as for the essay topic from the very beginning of your essay. That is why explain why you think this topic is important. Write the main purpose and aims of your essay. Give some background information. You may also make a brief outline of the next paragraphs of the main body.

In the main body, try to uncover the essay subject as much as possible. Support your information with citations taken from the novel. In conclusion, sum up your essay.

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