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Ideas for Holocaust Essay Topics

Essay • December 16, 2009

Holocaust Essay Topics: Points of View in History

Throughout history, genocide will always be considered as a double-edged sword; for the defeated, it will be a catastrophic event, while it will be a patriotic act for the victorious. Regarding holocaust essay topics, one of the most important aspects that should be taken into consideration should be the basic psyche of the initiators of the genocide. And the most famous act of cold-blooded, systematic genocide in history that still fascinates people will always be the holocaust of the Jews in World War II.

One can’t help but wonder how several people could discuss the systematic extermination of six million men, women and children, like it was part of a job, or taking pride in murdering innocent people. Thus, gathering the brightest minds in a dinner conference to discuss the “Final Solution” bluntly means solving a problem. Killing, for these men, means not only saving their country and their race, but a means of ensuring a bright future for the next generation. And while all of these twisted, patriotic ideas all came out of hatred and discontentment; it had been perceived as an act of righteousness.

The holocaust of the Jews might have been prevented by proper political policies that will have addressed the growing discontentment of a nation after being defeated in the First World War. Policies that catered to the bruised ego of the populace could have lessened the defeatist mentality that gripped a nation. For a more recent situation that could be tackled by Holocaust Essay Topics or term paper, the threat of global terrorism is a perfect example on how people learning little from the lessons of history.

They say that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Why? Because a terrorist sees himself as an instrument of righteousness willing to give up his life to avenge the oppression of his people. Yet, once again, the lessons of history should have taught that violence will never prevail over diplomacy, especially in this day and age. War, today, is not fought with armies, but in the state of mind. Nuclear fallout is not seen as much larger threat than the paranoia of being attacked when one least expects it. Lessons from the World Trade Center bombings call out for people everywhere to be vigilant, but there exist a fine line between vigilance and paranoia. The greatest defense should not be building more weapons, fortifying defenses or preparing for an attack. The simplest defense should be that of dialogue and compromise, knowing what the side of the opposition and understanding their motives, which can be another separate subject for Holocaust Essay Topics.

Derivation of the term holocaust in Hebrew meant,”Whole burnt”, a sacrificial offering to the gods. How many more lives must be sacrificed before the people with the capability to make a change realize the simplest of solutions? Or should more lives be sacrificed to see the full destruction that we brought to ourselves?

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