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Valeria Gorner

Take Care of Essay Reference if You Need a High Rating for Your Academic Assignment

Essay • July 3, 2009

The Importance of Essay Reference for High Rate Papers

When the daunting task of essay writing is over, the last stage is to check essay reference organization. One has to arrange all references or bibliographic information at the end of the paper.

Essay reference can be organized in different ways depending on the citation style required or preferred by your educational community. Usually instructors provide essay assignment requirements indicating what referencing style has to be used. It can be MLA, APL, Harvard referencing which have their specific features and nuances, which have to be studied before starting arranging reference page. The citation style impacts the pattern of in-text citations which can be incorporated in the text or as footnotes or endnotes.

One should mind a difference between a reference list and a bibliography: the former includes only works cited in the paper while the latter is a list of all works by some author or referring to a particular subject.

In essay reference you should provide all important information the correct name of an author, year of publication, volumes and issue number for articles. It allows a reader to follow all the authors used in the body of the research. It is also a credit to people working on the problem which allows avoiding plagiarism charges. Thus you include in your reference list only those sources which have been really used in the research, not those you just read during research.

It takes some time to find out the differences between information organization in one essay reference item within the limits of the same citation style. Books, articles, chapters of the book can be arranged differently: for example, you need to note the publisher in book reference and drop it in referencing of an article. There are also differences and small nuances in punctuation which should be observed in references list.

There are many formats to observe in arranging in-text citations and making up a reference list but the most widely used format are the APA (American Psychological Association) format, the MLA (Modern Language Association), Harvard citation and Chicago, etc.

Essay referencing is an important part of any research writing activity and if you want your paper to have a high rate, you should observe reverencing rules and quote the others’ words the proper way. When you manage to write a good research paper or an essay but fail to provide good references list, you can hardly get a distinction for your paper.

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Valeria Gorner

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