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Anna Wippich

An Essay on Discipline Can be Written from Various Perspectives

Essay • June 12, 2010

Essays on Discipline Require Wealth of Information and Good Writing Skills

Essay on DisciplineStudents are usually assigned to write numerous essay in colleges or universities. It is an essential part of their studying process and requires some knowledge and writing skills. An essay on discipline is one of such works. It can be of different forms but its academic structure is the same as the most common research papers. It consists of the introduction, the main body part and the conclusion. The purpose of this article is to describe the essay structure and to give some useful writing tips and ideas on essay writing.

As it was already mentioned that all the essays on discipline consist of three standard parts. The introduction part includes two or three short paragraphs that include a thesis statement, describe the main idea of your essay and outline it. The main body part should describe the point of your introduction. It must be divided into paragraphs and provide the supporting information. The conclusion part summarizes the information written in two previous parts. Besides, it should contain your own ideas and suggestions.

Very often the students have difficulties writing their essays on discipline. The most common problem is the lack of knowledge and experience. Sometimes it is very difficult to start and choose the topic for your work. Discipline is a complex meaning and influences both social and personal life. The student should concentrate on the fact that all schools and colleges depend on the discipline. No institution can work properly without it. It is advised to describe the facts that prove the importance of the discipline in your school or college and provide some examples from the real life. Another point that can be described in your essay is the importance of self-discipline. It is a well-known fact that it can influence our personal life and even health. For example, the AIDS situation in the world states that only a discipline can prevent the humanity from this dangerous problem. The students can also describe ill effects of the indiscipline and how it can influence our life. You can choose from the variety of topics and describe each of them. Here are some questions that can be described in your essay:

  1. Discipline and smoking. This bad habit leads to the poor health just because a person can not stop smoking.
  2. The undisciplined students are lazy and their life is usually unproductive.
  3. The indiscipline in college can lead to poor studying results and can influence the future career of the student.
  4. Indiscipline in the organizations may lead to some bad results for the whole company.

Writing an essay on discipline can be an easy task if you follow the rules and have enough information. But if you are a working student or just have no time to complete your work in time –  you should ask for professional help. Our professional writing team provides a full range of services that will help you to complete the task successfully. At you can order a custom writing essay or get valuable advices on writing your own research paper.

Anna Wippich

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