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Essay cheats: Legitimate?

Essay • February 7, 2011

essay cheats

Is it Un Lawful to use an essay cheat?

Usage of guide books and model answers to seek assistance while writing a piece of work is an ancient tradition. There are also many online essay writing services now days that provide excellent quality work to serve as a guide for the student. Essay cheats though they have come to be known as, are not much different than guide books. They are however more customized. These essays are made to fit certain specific requirements of a student’s assignment and are intended to serve as a model assignment for the student ordering an essay.

How come custom essays are not essay cheats?

Custom essays are not intended to be submitted as the student’s original work. These are intended to provide a 100 percent accurate guideline for students to follow, while compiling their own assignment. Each custom essay is unique and is meant for one customer only.

How does an essay cheat differ from a bank essay?

A custom essay is quite different from an essay from essay bank:
• A custom essay is written by academic experts, not students.
• Custom essays provide guarantee against plagiarism.
• Custom essays address a specific assignment instead of a general topic.
• Custom essays are created according to the instructions given by the student.

What makes essay cheats legal?

Custom essays are crafted to serve as a guide for the students and they are not advised to pass the essay on as their own work. Therefore, a custom essay help is as legal as any guide book or model answers book available in the market.

Why go for a custom essay?

Custom essays are written by experts in the relevant field and therefore prove to be better guides for the students as compared to pre written guide books. Research papers written by these experts are not only in strict accordance with the customer’s instructions, but are also free of plagiarism. Essay writing services also offer dissertation help. This can be very helpful for students seeking guidance in the area they are researching on.

How do I order a custom essay?

Custom essays are ordered online. The persons applying for an essay are required to fill an online form, which encloses the details of assignment. An expert writer best suited for the task from among the team of well qualified writers on the panel of the writing service is then assigned the task. The essay after being completed and checked for plagiarism is then delivered to the customer within the due deadline.

Is it safe to use essay cheats?

Definitely Yes! Using a custom essay writing service is 100% safe because:
• Essay writing companies follow the data protection act and are bound to keep all information about the assignment and customer confidential.
• These companies provide guaranteed correct, accurate and plagiarism free work, that is written by experts in an excellent matter.

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