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Essay • January 16, 2011

Use essay banks cautiously

Essay banks sell or distribute essays already written by themselves or others. There are some “free” essay banks in the Internet. One can download essays essay bankfrom such sites without any payment.

Many online internet essay banks charge a fee for the essays taken from them. The mode of payment can be either transaction wise or periodic subscription.

Other internet essay banks are partially online. Most of them charge a fee for each essay. While you can search for essays and read free abstracts online, these essay banks deliver the essays you order through e-mail or post after collecting their fee online.

Many of these essay banks provide different sections for different subjects to facilitate easier search. Some of them even provide an internal search tool where you can structure queries using Boolean constructs like “AND”, “OR” etc. to refine your searches further.

You may use essays taken from the essay banks as just models to write your own essays. But submitting them as your own is fraught with some serious risks. We shall evaluate these risks one by one.

Quality and plagiarism

The essay banks providing free essays do not guarantee the quality of essays they distribute. Many of them distribute essays written by other students which might have been rated poorly. Further you can never be sure whether the original writer will or will not get to know that you have pirated his essay. In case he or she takes you to task for plagiarism, the consequences may be quite serious. We have already touched upon this risk while discussing essay-cheats.

Reputed essay writing services may stock essays written for them by respectable authors with impeccable academic credentials. But one can never be sure as to how many people have already bought and used a particular essay before one decides to buy it. You may be accused of plagiarism if somebody else has submitted the essay you have just bought.

It is advisable to use at least one of the numerous freeware plagiarism checkers available in the internet to check the essay you have bought from an essay bank. Your schools or colleges may be using more advanced plagiarism checkers before they evaluate your essay.

Relevance and context

Writing college admission essays, entrance essays etc. have to be with reference to your own resume and personal statement. Essay banks can never supply essays tailored to your specific needs. In class room essays and term papers your faculty may have specific instructions and it knows you very well. You will find it difficult to pass off essay bank output as your own. It is better to avail custom essay writing services under such circumstances.

Doctorate and post graduate thesis

Many reputed universities send these papers for evaluation by international panels. The scrutiny is very strict and plagiarism checks are very deep. Many of these papers may even be published in reputed academic journals. Even if you escape the panels you can get into trouble when your paper is either published or even cited by somebody else.

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