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Discussion Essay is an Essay Format Which Requires The Choice Of Interesting And Acute Topic For Discussion

Essay • June 25, 2009

Discussion Essay and the Choice of the Most Appropriate Topics

When you have interesting topic to discuss you can easily cope with a discussion essay. This essay type is good opportunity to dwell on something which is really interesting to you and highlight those aspects which are unknown to a wider audience. That’s why for a discussion essay you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and know how to research for additional information which can be a helpful addition to general information available from open sources.

The success of a discussion essay depends on the topic chosen or how interesting it is for readers. When the topic is much talked about or discussed, it will have little audience feedback. On the other hand, when the topic is known for a limited audience, no one can support you in discussion. Thus the choice of the topic is an important part of essay writing process.

When picking the appropriate topic, you should be guides by the following essay prompts:

  • Your audience is knowledgeable of the topic and interested to discuss it further. Very often good topics for discussion essay you can find among controversial topics like abortion, bringing up children in one-parent or non-traditional families. The more opposing views the topic offer, the more discussion it is able to raise and thus the more you can tell in your essay.
  • It is needless to say that people you are going to introduce your essay should have at least a fair knowledge of the subject matter of your paper. Lacking basic knowledge on the topic, you can hardly find an interlocutor who can oppose or support your ideas.
  • Discussion themes should be catchy, up-to-date and topical so to raise disputes, opposing views, recalling all “pros and cons,” and thus much discussion. It is worth to remind that discussion essay is meant for viewing different, even opposing views and making your own conclusion based on your evidences and facts.
  • One needs to express a unique, distinctive stand point on the subject discussed.

An author of discussion topic has to be a person who opposes one’s views so to able to include different opinions and prove that your position deserves attention and consideration. An author should be able to view some phenomenon from versitile perspectives and produce a viable and consistent research.

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