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Benjamin Ford

Creative Writing Essay Differs From the Other Essay Types

Essay • May 27, 2010

Creative Writing Essays Stands out for Originality and Skilful Language Use

A creative writing essay is a special essay type which differs from the academic paper work. The main purpose of the academic essay is to research and inform the reader on a specific subject while the creative essay’s aim is to communicate the idea in different manners. The first-time writers and even experienced students face the difficulties performing such a task. This short issue will help you to understand the main peculiarities of this essay types and will provide you some practical tips and advices.

The main goal of the creative writing essays is to make the topic more interesting instead of the dry method of the academic essay writing. Though the topic and the subject of the writing may not be interesting, the creative essay changes it by refreshing the subject itself. Actually, it is written in the form of a story when the writer uses the methods of the fictional texts such as the narratives, characters, dialogues, etc. It can even be action oriented and contain some dramatic or lyric elements.

In order to write a strong and interesting creative writing essay you should follow the most common steps of the essay writing. First of all you need to think about the subject, create some ideas and make sure you have understood the topic and its questions correctly. This stage should contain brainstorming, writing an outline and the planning of your writing. There will be no research work and discoveries in this type of paper but you should express your opinion and understand the subject instead. Though it is not so academic, you should pay special attention to its structure, the style of writing, grammar and punctuation. It is advised to read your rough copy for several times, ask your friend to do so or even to ask for the help of the professional editing service. Remember, this paper will show all the aspects of your life and you will definitely fail if you make a lot of mistakes. Another complicated task is a non standard writing style. As mentioned above it should be interesting, so try to use more original phrases and metaphors as well as interesting twists and turns.

The structure of the creative essay does not have a special formula and it can not be written as a five paragraph essay or as an academic paper. The number of the paragraphs depends on your ideas and on your information. It can be three or ten. The only rule you should follow is the logical connections between all the parts of your essay. Each part of your work should express the idea of the whole writing which will move the reader through the text. One more thing which should be taken into consideration is a very strong introduction paragraph and an interesting conclusion paragraph which will make the reader thinking about the subject of your work.

Creative writing essays will be an easy task for the creative and quick-minded students. If you do not belong to this category there is nothing to worry about. Our writers will complete your order in time and with a great professionalism. For more information please take a look at custom essay writing vendor

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