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Benjamin Ford

Compare and Contrast Essay – Your First Essay Project

Essay • March 23, 2009

You already know how to compare and contrast things based on certain factors. This same skill is also applied when you are going to write a compare and contrast essay. Significantly, there is a great deal in writing such an essay format because it makes the students become more creative in finding subject attributes that will develop their analytical skills. Let us talk about what components are necessary for a compare and contrast essay.

The peculiarities of a compare and contrast essay should not be a reason for you to stay away from this form of writing an article. Actually this is fun. Yes, some people are enjoying writing a compare and contrast essay because they tend to discover new things out of the seemingly ordinary day to day subjects. So what is the rule in writing an article that compares and contrasts things?

Literally, there is nothing new to learn in writing such an essay. All you need is the introduction, body and the conclusion paragraphs. Of course you already know how to write the first and last segments so we will concentrate on how you can divide the body part. This is important because you are actually trying to devise a plan that will partition at least two sets of arguments. Well, the easiest way is to make the first body paragraph the compare section and the second body paragraph the contrast section. This is the most efficient way to write this kind of an essay.

Now, what should I write? In your thesis statement, you should have already defined the factor that will separate and group the things related to your topic. For example, if you want to compare and contrast the shopping behavior of men and women, then you can write the Compare section by enumerating the same attitude of both genders when it comes to buying things. On the second half, enumerate the differences of them based also on the perspective of shopping attitude. There should only one deciding factor in any compare and contrast essay so that you can write a well formatted and coherent paper.

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Benjamin Ford

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