Valeria Gorner

Valeria Gorner

The Landmarks of Comparative Essay Writing

Essay • July 25, 2009

Comparative Essay and What Matters When Writing It

Comparative essay are frequent assignment during college years. It is actually fun to writer essays which need detailed comparative analysis. You have to be meticulous explorer to submit high rating comparative essays. This type of essay requires in-depth understanding of objects under analysis and ability to notice features which are not evident from the first glance.

Comparative writing is an excellent essay format to deal with literature topics and look for common or contrasting features in different literature pieces. Through comparative essay writing one learns to look into details of different theories, models, characters, events, strategies, styles, or objects. It allows an in-depth investigation of minute aspects of the objects, viewing them from different perspectives or vantage points and seeing characteristic details inherent in some phenomenon.

During process of comparing objects or phenomena, one has to decompose each object and compare separate parts individually. However, it is required to keep in mind that constituents should be compared if they refer to the same category. For example, when dismantling a bicycle, you will have a set of different details. You cannot compare a wheel of a bicycle to the seat of another one. Comparing refers only to identical objects. When comparing two novels, you cannot compare the plot to the writing style or characters to stylistic means used.

Comparison is complicated by the need to look into small details of the researched objects or seeing ‘between lines’ to find out some peculiarities common or different in two objects. Comparative essay is not only about noticing evident features and documenting them. The more you concealed characteristics you find, the better. On the other hand, it is not recommended to note all possible and unimportant aspects which could contaminate an essay. You should concentrate on several most prominent features and devote your time and comparative forces to these.

Despite these little difficulties all people have basic skills of making comparisons. The good comparative writing depends on essay writer’s skills of presenting information and making an impressive composition. While we compare things every day, we do not involve into writing activity every day and thus our writing skills should be developed through academic tasks.

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Valeria Gorner

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