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College Application Essay

Essay • February 27, 2011

college application essay

Composing an excellent college Application Essay:

All universities and colleges ask for an application essay these days. The purpose of this is to have insight into the personality of the applicant. The application essays are not meant to obtain an academic summary of the student’s achievements; rather such applications focus on finding out the potential of the student and the way he or she perceives life.

Topics for college application essays:

A college application essay topic must be chosen wisely. Make sure that you select a topic that allows you margin to paint yourself as a person, highlighting your best qualities. Here are some suggested topics:
• You can chose to write about your aim in life, what you intend to do in future and what career you wish to pursue.
• Another idea is to narrate an incident where you performed very well and relate to to your future aspirations.
• Inspirational essays can also be chosen. You can write on what inspires you in life and why.
• You can write about your chosen career and describe what you like about it and what you intend to do in future.

Tips for attempting a college application essay:

Here are some helpful tips that can come in handy while attempting a college application essay:
• Go through some excellent college application essays before you start writing your own. This will give you some inspiration and a lot of ideas for writing.
• Read the instructions carefully and follow the word limit strictly. No one will read your essay if you do not abide by the given instructions.
• Make sure the language you use is error free and all the sources used are properly referenced.
• Write creatively. Think up of stuff that would appeal the jury. Tell them about yourself in a unique manner so that your essay gets noticed.
• Read your essay critically and ask a few friends to read it for you as well. This will not only help in proof reading, but will also improve the essay in general.
• You can add a personal incident in the essay, any personal experience, sharing which you will be highlighting some aspect of your personality.
• The admission jury is looking for committed students who are sincere to their selected field of knowledge and who have high hopes from the future. Show the jury via your essay that you are a persistent, hardworking student who is serious about studies.
• Make a mind map before you write. Cover all the points you intend to make in the essay. Also indicate how you will do so in the mind map. Keep this mind map in front of you while attempting the essay. It will help you in structuring the essay with use of small, coherent and meaningful paragraphs.
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Benjamin Ford

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