Anna Wippich

Anna Wippich

Article Essay Is the Way Out For Your Creativity

Essay • June 18, 2009

Be Creative and Free When Writing an Article Essay

Article essay is one of those essay type where you can express your creativity as fully as possible. Here you can let your imagination be free and soar in the skies of your fancies. It is also a great assignment in respect of topics choice as you can choose almost anything you feel like writing about.

Article essay can take the form of any essay type – discussion essay or argumentative research, informative essay or cause and effect. The principle distinction from other essay formats is that an article essay is meant for printing in newspapers or in magazines or other print media and its objective is to attract reader’s attention and keep them entertained, informed or inquiring.
This essay type requires great attention to the choice of words or use of figurative language which makes the story more visual and easy to read. The language should be simple enough to be understood by an average reader but at the same time entertaining enough to keep a reader interested and entertained by intricate pattern of words as well as the information itself.

It is needless to say that the topic should be familiar to the writer and at the same time a writer should have a live interest in exploring it further. It can be any domain of human activity – art and culture, history, travel and tourism, sports, etc.

To provide a good article essay a writer should take an artistic approach and make a reader wonder what happens next. One should be a painter of words making a story visual and illustrative. One can also include personal contemplations of the topic explored. Any examples can be backed up by personal experiences.

An article essay should demonstrate intellectual ability of a writer and his/her ability to engage a reader into a discussion. Writing abilities are also well exposed in this essay. So a writer should be persuasive, informative, interesting at the same time to complete an excellent article essay.

It is worth to remember that an article essay should be united around some idea or thesis. A writer should write not only for the purpose of writing but to express one’s view or information a reader of some event or phenomenon. Thus this essay has the traditional structure – the introduction, the body and conclusion. The essay is smooth with well-thought transition between paragraphs leading a reader to certain conclusion.

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Anna Wippich

Written by Anna Wippich

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