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Contexts in alcohol essays

Essay • February 8, 2011

Write alcohol essays from the specified perspective only

Alcohol essayThe context of alcohol essays can vary widely. It can be a chemical or Industrial. The key constituent of alcohol and a common carbohydrate like wheat is the same. Hence people make alcohol from various crops and plants. An alcohol essay from the point of view of these crops is a botanical or agricultural perspective.

The effect of potable alcohol on human body and organs is a different perspective. It can be addictive and cause widespread behavioral problems. Such problems include undesirable health, family and social disturbances. Hence ‘Alcoholism’ is a medical, psychological and social perspective. ‘De-addiction’ is a social service perspective.

All these perspectives overlap ambiguously. The primary objective of any alcohol essay is to define its context. If you fail, your essay will be a disaster. After all you cannot write about a sot in a chemistry class.

What is alcohol

Alcohol is an organic compound in which a hydroxyl functional group (-OH) is bound to a carbon atom, usually connected to other carbon or hydrogen atoms. A hydroxyl group is a bonding of Oxygen and Hydrogen atoms in a particular way. It makes alcohols highly interactive with water and makes them readily water soluble.

Since this bonding of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen can occur in many ways, there are innumerable varieties of alcohols. Many of them are toxic. Only one variety called ethyl alcohol is potable when diluted adequately. The -OH group is present in both carbohydrates like wheat, rice and barley and in all types of alcohol.

Chemical and industrial uses of alcohol

Hydrogen (H) is highly combustible and Oxygen (O) catalyzes combustion. Hence all alcohols are good fuels, ethyl alcohol being particularly good. Alcohols leave a significantly lower carbon foot print when they burn and contribute much less to global warming than traditional fossil fuels. Further Ethanol can be made from renewable plant sources.

Because of its affinity to water, alcohol is a very good solvent. It is widely used in the manufacture of various articles like paints, perfumes, cosmetics and cleaning agents.

Health and consumption of potable alcohol

Old concepts of beneficial effects of moderate alcohol consumption that is one or two small pegs of hard liquor a day are outdated. Doctors say that alcohol causes various neurological, gastro, cardiac, pulmonary, cancer and other serious health problems.


Alcohol progressively erodes the central nervous system and destroys the white brain cells, responsible for cognitive abilities in the short term. It tends to become addictive and induces abnormal craving. People at this stage of degeneration tend to perpetrate even heinous crimes to satiate their craving. This leads to various social problems like child abuse, criminal and suicidal predispositions. Because of reduced short term cognition, people consuming alcohol often figure in various acts of negligence like rash driving.

These ideas are difficult to comprehend! But you can seek essay help and dissertation help for your alcohol essays. This is the best resource even for custom research papers.

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