George Nelson

George Nelson

If You Like to Criticize, then Critical Essay is For You

Essay • October 5, 2009

Critical Essay Is a Good Way To Develop Critical Skills

I have a friend, Lucy, a college student. During her study, as all students, she had different writing assignments. It was very difficult for her to cope with college coursework, different types of essay, but when it came to critical essay the situation was completely different.

In the cases, when Lucy had to write argumentative essay, cause and effect essay, narrative essay, persuasive essay and other essays, she contacted custom essay writing services and bought essays she needed, which met her specific requirements and tasks. At first, she was afraid of being dissatisfied with the results of the custom essay writers, but later Lucy understood that she always got well composed and plagiarism free papers with excellent formatting and language flow within her deadline.

Concerning the critical essay, she always attained success, as Lucy likes to make critics very much and it was a good possible way to develop and display these skills at full. She could develop such essay on any subject, having analyzed critically various perspectives, centered her research and writing on the analysis, logic and criticism. Critical essay revealed the depth of Lucy’s thoughts and ideas.

In most cases Lucy used one and the same good method of critical research: she read the text (or any other object of investigation), analyzed it from the very beginning to the end, then read it again and again. While having looked through the text she made notes, which she would use during the research paper writing. All the points she have recorded she tried to put/build them in the logical order in order to create a good ground for her critical points of view. There is a very important moment – Lucy recorded also the facts that were opposed to her own ones, as she perfectly knew that the reader is to have as many information as it is possible in order to draw his/her own conclusion. After having made the notes she started to browse different literature sources available on the chosen topic in order to prove/support her position.

Before writing critical essay she selected its topic very deliberately. She worked with the topic she could cover in the essay, nothing global or general, though she could tackle any problem of subject discussion. In most cases she chose such topics for her essays, with the help of which she could make herself believable, clear, specific and influence the reader in the best way.

So, Lucy likes to analyze, to criticize, to express her opinions and she always wrote A level critical essays; if you have the same skills, then critical essay is not a problem for you to write. State your thoughts on paper according to the format of the critical essay and enjoy the work; if not, I mean, if you cannot overcome this problem, do it as my friend with the other essays – address custom writing service and the writers with the years of experience will be pleased to provide you with any custom research papers or essay. Good luck!!!

George Nelson

Written by George Nelson

I have been working as a professor for many years. In my experience, students fail to write their papers because they lack knowledge and bravery to ask for help. Here, I am able to help scholars learn, evolve, research, and understand. There is nothing difficult about philosophy, religion, and I am here to prove it.

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