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APA Essay Format

Essay Writing • September 25, 2012

APA Essay Requires Adherence to Various Rules in Formatting and Writing

Apa Essay Format 133x150An essay is a lengthy document which is done to fulfil the requirements of a specific degree. Students who are new at essay writing will find this a daunting and frustrating task, when compared to the custom essay writing done in high school. When asked to write the essay in the APA style format it will add to this frustration as APA formatting system has many rules and regulations on how to write and present the work. However, best way to manage this situation would be to educate yourself on how to write an APA essay format.

What is an APA Format?

There are two common formats when writing theses. These are the Harvard and the APA. The APA stands for American Psychological Association and this is the format which is most widely used when writing theses in the social sciences and education related fields. There are certain elements which make the APA style different from other styles. These have to be adhered strictly when writing an essay. As many students find this a task which is beyond their capacity they can obtain dissertation writing service if they require.

APA Writing Style

The presentation and outlook of the APA essays format is very different from other theses. The APA writing style will provide short details of the author and publication date and page or paragraph numbers of cited material. These should appear within parenthesis just after the quoted material or rephrased material borrowed from, other sources. However, complete details of sources will be provided in the reference page. The essay format applicable for APA style will be double spaced, writing on A4 paper with 1” margins allocated in all four sides of the paper. Font size will range from 10 – 12 while the standard font will be Times Roman or Ariel. Apart from these general specifications, the APA format will call for a running header to appear in the top header of the page. This contains an abridged version of the essay title.

Main Elements of Essay

Title Page – This should contain the title of the paper, the author’s name, and institute. Each word of the title should be capitalized and be centred with a title length which is no more than 12 words. All text on the title page is double spaced.

Abstract – The abstract will provide concise summary of the essay in approximately 250 words. The word “Abstract” should be centred in the research paper. There will be no highlighting or underlining. The research topic, methods, data etc should be included in the abstract and should be double spaced.

Main Body – The body of the essay is written in the same manner as any essay. However, all main titles should be centred and written in upper and lowercase letter. Title of all subheadings should be to the left and in italics. APA style always uses the third person to address the essay unless specified otherwise.

References – The word should be written in the centre of the page. References should be double spaced and written in alphabetical order.

These are just some of the rules of writing an APA essay. More essay writing tips can be found online on in dissertaion guides and handbooks.

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