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Benjamin Ford

Describe the Ideas for Your Dissertation in Thesis Statement

Dissertation • January 6, 2010

If You Want to Write a Good Thesis Statement, then Learn Its Structure

You should address a significant problem in your thesis statement. Describe the idea and basic points of your dissertation here.

To complete a good proposal you should follow the sequence of steps:

– Choose the topic.
– Find relevant material. If you have chosen the topic for your proposal then focus on a research topic and finish it rapidly.

– Structure your paper. If you need thesis proposal assistance then custom essay and research paper writing site will help you to organize your paper.

Your paper should consist of the following elements:
– title page
– abstract
– table of contents
– introductory part
– main body
– conclusion
– list of references

Write in your title page:
– The title of your paper
– Your name
– The name of the institution and department where you study
– Research mentor’s name
– Date of submission

In the abstract you shall give a brief summery of your paper. It should be not lengthy (up to 200 words). Here you may present a brief introduction to your paper. Write some key statement of your paper. In the table of contents write all the paragraph headings with page numbers.

In the introduction present the main subject of your investigation. Here you may also give some background information. Describe the subject from the broad view of point and then narrow it to your research question. Review what is already known and investigated about the subject. Explain what new information you may give to the subject study. If you want to draw the readers’ attention, then you may start your introduction with a research question.

The main body of your paper may be divided into several paragraphs. Start each paragraph with an opening sentence. Here you should present your calculations, results and discussion of the results. Remember you should cite all the ideas, text or data that you have taken from other sources. If you just put somebody’s text into your paper without any reference to the book, so you may be accused of plagiarism. You may get a bad mark or even zero for your paper.

In the summary, give constructive conclusions to your paper. Think if you managed to solve your research problem. If in the introduction you stated the question, then you should answer in the concluding part.

You may also use figures, tables, charts, and statistics in your paper. Remember that a well-chosen figure will reduce a text length and will draw readers’ attention. If you give any statistics, then you should comment on it and explain to the readers what this statistics is for.

When you are done with your paper, proofread it. Remember that poor spelling and grammar distract from the content of the paper. There is also specific format of the proposal, and this format you have to follow strictly.

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Benjamin Ford

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