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Anna Wippich

Brilliant Leadership Dissertation is Your Way to Success

Dissertation • April 8, 2010

Leadership Dissertations Make Your Leadership Skills Perfect

If you want to write brilliant leadership dissertations without any difficulties, all you need is to read the following article. Here you can find some new ideas and important strategies regarding your project. The research paper sample will be useful for you during your writing process.

Some people believe that leaders are born, while others are sure that leadership is a certain set of skills which you can learn. But how do you understand the term “leadership”? The easiest definition tells us that leadership is a process of getting things done through people.

And now let’s back to your project. There are some steps in writing your dissertation on leadership.

– First of all you have to decide a certain science that you are writing your leadership dissertations for. If it is a sociology dissertation, you may describe how to become a leader in the modern society:

– Do not forget about the history. For example, you can write about some of the most authoritarian leaders and to study in details their principles of governing a country.

– And it’s not a secret that to be a leader in business sphere is already a part of success. In our competitive world today, leadership skills are crucial to any successful business. The role of leadership in business is indisputable. Great leaders create great businesses. So in your leadership dissertation you may highlight this theme.

– You may also compare two famous leaders you like, telling about their talents and achievements.

– Talking about leadership we can’t mention such subject as Psychology. The knowledge of Leadership Theories is a very important background for your leadership dissertation.

Leadership Theories can be the basis of your project. There are some of them:

“Great Man” Theories
Such type of theories aims to describe us the reasons of becoming a leader. First of all, it is not a strong willing to become “great”. If you are meant to be a hero or “a leader of the pack”, then you will be. More often, it depends on the previous generation – our ancestors. From grandfather to father, from father to son.
Trait Theories
In some way, trait theories have something in common with “great man” theories. Before the birth, a child inherits some traits of character that help him/her to have some confidence
to leadership.

Situational Theories
Situational theories of leadership require that a leader chooses a track of events grounded on different situations.

Behavioral Theories
Such kind of theories supports an idea that a person is taught to become a leader.

Management Theories or “Transactional theories”
They include such characteristic features as organization, watching (control) and teamwork. These theories believe that there should be punishment and recompense.

Participative Theories
To become a good example to follow and be a perfect leader, a person should defer others’ point of views and ideas.

Relationship Theories or “Transformational theories”
Relationship leadership theories are inclined to the importance of interconnection and mutual understanding between leaders and followers. It leads to motivation and encouragement of all group members.

Contingency Theories
Choose a leader who suites the most to perform some actions or activities. But, as contingency theories emphasize, there is no leadership style that could manage with them.

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Anna Wippich

Written by Anna Wippich

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