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David Cater

Dissertation Project Should Obligatory Contain Some Innovative Ideas

Dissertation • July 29, 2009

Dissertation Project is a Work For Innovation

A dissertation project differs from any other research format by its volume and obligatory scientific novelty. Dissertation research should present innovative scientific ideas or findings or in other words it is meant for giving an opportunity of making personal contribution to science. This aspect of research writing is the most important for dissertation.

It is new research positions that will be evaluated in your dissertation project first of all. There’s no doubt that this kind of research requires time, considerable mental effort and excellent writing skills and knowledge in the field of research.

The dangerous pitfall in writing dissertation project is being stuck up after completing the first chapter. Many start this kind of work with a thought that the start of writing will define the rest of it. However, it is not true as it is required to have a clear understanding of what your project will be like before you even start its writing and you cannot expect positive results when taking this approach. The most you can do is to provide an overview of literature available on the topic. The rest of the paper will be a pain.

Many graduate students have difficulty with writing style which usually incorporates both writing skills and analytical abilities of an author or one’s ability to analyze and compare other scholar’s academic positions against one’s own.
One should remember that dissertation defense plays a significant role in over score for your work. This means that outcome depends of everything from dissertation handouts to opponents’ comments. Thus one should be ready to withstand the stress of defending dissertation on public.

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David Cater

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