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George Nelson

It is Very Important to Know How to Write Dissertation Citation

Dissertation • December 21, 2009

There are Several Ways How to Write Dissertation Citation

Students usually write dissertations at the university. Dissertation is different from essay writing. It is a very difficult and lengthy paper. While writing this paper, students should pay attention to all the parts of the dissertation, and mostly to the dissertation citation.

While writing your dissertation, pay great attention to the references you use in your paper. The members of the checking committee always pick on the dissertation references. In addition, if you have overlooked some mistakes in the reference section of your dissertation, so you may get lower grade for the paper.

When you write your dissertation, you always use different sources from which you take the information for your dissertation. Using citations and vivid examples from the books will make your dissertation mature, appealing and interesting to read. That is why students always use citations in their dissertations. However, if you decided to use references in your work, you should thoroughly learn all the rules as for the formatting of the citations in the text of the dissertation. You should also know how to write reference section.

If you wrote the dissertation citation and then compare it with the dissertation referencing of the other students, you may see some differences. If you notice that your reference section is different from the other’, do not be afraid. The matter is that dissertation citation format varies because of the formatting style of the paper. So before you start to write dissertation citation, pay attention to the formatting style you use in your paper: it may be either MLA format or APA format.

If you want to cite the books in the text of your dissertation, pay attention to the books that are written by several authors. For example, if you cite the book, written by two authors then you may point out both authors throughout the text. If you need to refer to the book that is written by more than two authors (up to five), then you should point out the names of all the authors when referring the first time. If you cite again this source, then you should write the name of the first author and “et al.”, for example “Brown et al. (1989)”.
In the reference section, write all the books in alphabetical order according to the names of the authors. If you have used information from the web sites, so you should also point out the reference to these sites. The list of the sites is usually listed below the books and other periodic references.

If you are ready with your dissertation, proofread it, paying a particular attention to the dissertation citation.

George Nelson

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